Anand Rathi Wealth sees 4 growth triggers in next 5 years

which has given a revenue guidance of Rs 661 crore in FY24, has a long-term objective of 20 – 25% growth for next few years.

Indians are saving phenomenally well. Total household savings was around Rs. 653 lakh crore in 2022 which was Rs. 269 lakh crore 10 years back.

The proportion of financial assets in the overall portfolio of Indian households increased from 47.7% in 2012 to 49.1% in 2022.

But within financial assets proportion of low returns or no returns assets are at around 80% like fixed deposits, small savings, pension & provident fund, cash etc. which generates returns in line with inflation or not making a significant real return on their savings. Equity mutual funds accounted for just 6.7% of total financial assets in 2022.

For India, Mutual Fund assets as % GDP is just 16% as compared to the global average of 63%. These all augurs well for India’s wealth management industry. Universe is so large that we are nowhere close to quenching our thirst.

For FY24, we have given revenue guidance of Rs. 661 crore and PAT guidance of Rs. 205 crore. In Q1FY24, we have achieved 27% of revenue guidance and 26% of PAT guidance. We have been conservative while giving guidance and overachieving it in actuals.

#ANANDRATHI 1586 : Targets 1650, 1750 & 2000 Stoploss 1510 & 1390

Data Sourse – Economic Times

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