Basic to Advance F&O Trader Program

Basic to Advance F&O Trader Program (Future & Options)
Next Schedule (F&O): 

For Registration: Wapp me @ 9730702102

Weekdays Batch:

29th April Monday @9am
29th April Monday @7pm

Weekend Batch:

20th April Saturday @5pm

Weekday Afternoon Batch:
6th May Monday @12pm

About the Program:
This course will make you understand all aspects of Future & Options Trades. Here you will understand the Basics to Advance levels of F&O Strategies. This course will give you an Edge while Trading in Equities-F&O (Intraday Equity, Delivery Equity, F&O-Futures & F&O-Options), Currency & Commodities at any time Frame.

F&O Content Details
Understand the Basics of F&O
Future Trading: (Future Trade, Margin, Leverage, Expiry, Roll-Over, Open Interest, Buying/Selling Future Trades)
Option Theory: (Options, Call/Put, Strike Price, Spot Price, Intrinsic Value, buying a Call/Put Option, Shorting/Writing a Call/Put Option)
Mastery of Option Chain Analysis (It will give an edge in your trades)
Option Indicators– (Option Greeks, Open Interest, Option Trends, Put Call Ratio)
Technical Analysis for Equity & F&O Trades (Identify Trends, Breakout & Breakdown, Targets & Stop loss)
Equity, Future & Option Trading Strategies (How to make quick money through Intraday / Swing / Positional trades)
Option Strategies (Bull Call/Put Spread, Long/Short Straddles…etc.)
Stocks/Contract Selections /Screening Strategies
The Dos & Don’ts in F&O Trades

Classes Duration & Fees

Class Timing (F&O)

Total Duration: 15 Hrs.
Classes will be completed in 05 sessions. Each session of 2.5 Hrs.
Regular Batch Timing:
Weekdays Batch : Monday to Friday @9am @12pm @7pm
Weekend Batch : Saturday & Sunday @9am, @12pm & @5pm
I also give customized timing so you can fix the class

Class Fees (F&O)

Total Fees (INR): ₹ 10,500/-

You can book your slot by just paying ₹ 500/- as there are limited seats in a batch & the rest of the amount before the start of the class. Registration Link : Registration Link :

Bank/Wallet Details:

Jagdish Gajendra Jha
Bank Name: ICICI Magarpatta
Account No.: 058101504519
Mobile No.: 9730702102
Google Pay: 9730702102
Phone Pay/Paytm: 9730702102

Online Payment

Kindly WhatsApp/Mail the screenshot of payment with details as Name, Mobile No., Email & Place.
Call/WhatsApp: 9730702102


Akshay Kaware
Akshay Kaware
31 January 2024
It was a very wonderful experience. The Mentor has taught every chapter in a simplified language. It was very understandable and have been covered most of every point that needed to be covered in each section of the share market classes and one of the best things of this course is money management .Thank you so much sirji !!
Rajkumar Vangari
Rajkumar Vangari
27 January 2024
Namaster Sir, Mera F&O Class hal hi me pura hua he, Is class me sir har Content, Points, Strategy, Indicator ko bariki se aur saral bhasha me sikhate he, Aur har dougt ko example ke saath samjate he, Mere dono class sir ke saath achchhe rahe, Akhir me sir ko mera sadar pranam.....
Chandrakala Doke
Chandrakala Doke
25 January 2024
I have completed technical and fundamental class from jagdish sir. His way of teaching simple and easily understand. He clears the doubt instantly without delay. He has a very good and acurate knowledge of market.Thank you jagdish sir 🙏
Umesh Gaikwad
Umesh Gaikwad
23 January 2024
- Highly recommended this class - Jagdish sir explains and teach in very simplified way - Techniques are useful in daily trading
Pawar Akshay
Pawar Akshay
22 January 2024
By pursuing a course here I got enough knowledge about share market to make profits and do analysis by self Also Jagdish sir will guide you to achieve your goal in wealth creation. If you are looking to learn Share Market within less time and with reasonable price then I'll recommend this class for you .. Thankyou Jagadish sir for your guidance and I'm surely looking forward to learn their Future and options course soon😊
Shankar kamble
Shankar kamble
14 January 2024
I would like to share my experience with Jagdish Sir's share market class and express my heartfelt appreciation for his guidance. Like many of us, I had been investing in the share market without proper knowledge and I decided to seek guidance and stumbled upon Jagdish Sir's class through Google. Intrigued by the positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I joined the technical and fundamental classes, Jagdish Sir has a remarkable ability to explain complex concepts in layman's language, making it easy for all to understand. He patiently clarifies all doubts and ensures that everyone in the class is on the same page. What sets Jagdish Sir apart is his unwavering support even after the completion of the course. Despite finishing my classes, I had some confusion regarding the fibonacci indicator. To my surprise, Sir graciously allowed me to join the next batch class for revision. Such dedication and commitment to his students are truly commendable. Jagdish Sir's knowledge and expertise in the field of share market are exceptional. His teachings are practical, and I am confident that with his guidance, I will be able to make informed investment decisions and avoid unnecessary losses. I highly recommend Jagdish Sir's share market class to anyone who wants to enhance their understanding of the share market and gain valuable insights. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to Jagdish Sir for his exceptional teaching and unwavering support. Thank you!!
12 January 2024
Very interactive sessions with lots of learnings. He has the ability to explain the concepts in a very simple way. If you have the hunger to learn and courage to use the knowledge with patient, then I'll recommend you should attend his classes.
Atharva Ghule
Atharva Ghule
12 January 2024
The course was so helpful and the guidance sir is so goon in a way sir helps in everything for planning future goals and all the experience was so good and I am so glad I joined this class
Alim Shaikh
Alim Shaikh
9 January 2024
Good morning I am very inspired by Jagdish sir he really very good person good ideas giving for your future planning helpful nature [Class k waqat bhi aur Class k bad bhi]


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